Taktsang Monastery

Bhutan often revered as the land of the Peaceful Dragon regarded as one of the last Shangri-La in the Himalayan region because of its remoteness, its spectacular mountain terrain, varied flora and fauna and its unique ancient Buddhist monasteries. It is one of the reactively unexplored pockets of Asia which allow only limited number of discerning travelers to enter the country with a special visa permits.

Bhutans isolation has resulted in its culture and traditional remaining much the same for many hundreds of years. Our introductory 8 days Western Bhutan Culture tour will be through the stunning beautiful alpine valleys flanked by steep slopes and terraced pastures dotted with temple. The highlight of tour will be visits to Simtokha Dzong within the tiny capital township of Thimpu and the Taktsang Monastery that clings to a sheer 3,000 foot rock face cliffs. Festival (Tscechus) is held in Bhutan throughout the year at different locations. These festivals are celebration of faith, legends, myths and history of Bhutanese in ancients rituals of colorful dance and music. To co-inside a visit to Bhutan during the festive season would be an added bonus and even better way to observe the unique culture.

There are early Buddhist sites in cultural heartland of Bumthang Dzongkhag also including the undristibed traditional Tibetian-style culture which sets Bhutan as a great Himalayan Kingdom.There are outrageous trekking,textiles and stunning flora and fauna of Phobjika Valley included. Trashigang is one of the places of Bhutan which is town useful for launching toward Eastern Bhutan. Bhutan is a country of too many surprises.Its not only a country of sanity,rather it has other worldy hermits.Bhutan is comparing and combining the ancient and modern world. You will become one of the luckiest who have felt the charm and magic of the most enigmatic country the last Shangri La,if you do visit Bhutan once.Also,youll be playing your part in bringing medieval kingdom into modern worldwhile maintaining its distinct and amazing cultural identity.Because most of all,Bhutan teaches you charm ans studying of another way of living,an alternative view of what is truely necessary and important in life.

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