Dolpo Trekking

Dolpo Trekking

The Dolpo trekking is also well-loved tourists destinations for trekkers and mountain lovers ever since it was opened for the outsiders. Dolpo lies in the north-west region of Nepal. It is situated behind the Dhaulagiri massif. Dolpo is one of the most remote and least exposed areas of Nepal. These unexplored, high altitude valleys were not opened until 1989. Isolated by the difficult topography, the people in this region have preserved their lifestyle, remaining almost untouched by the trappings of modern society.

Dolpo Region TrekkingThe Dolpo valley had remained out of reach of outsiders for long, therefore, the culture and lifestyles of the Tebetan origin people of here have not only yet changed but has been one of the prime attraction for many. Moreover, the culture people inhibiting in the area has become one of the best preserved example of Tibetan Buddhism in the world. The unique hospitality and gorgeous landscapes of the areas not only has enchanted to many trekkers but it has been fondest and lifetime experience for many. Thus, Dolpo has been one of the most loved and demanded trekking destinations among the clients of Budget Adventure Treks Expeditions. Treking to Dolpo has often been called the Nepal Himalaya pilgrimage trekking and hidden valley trek created by Tibetan Monk Guru Rinpoche.

Dolpo has been like a living library for many researchers who love to explore the beginning of the human civilizations and Tibetan Buddhism. Apart from many other attractions, Shey Phoksundo National Park, The largest national park in Nepal, Shey Phoksundo lake and its crystal waters, the rocks, forests, snow capped peaks in its surrounding is one of worlds natural hidden wonders. The snowy peaks, ancient and isolated villages, rich wildlife, reliable Buddhist Monasteries and wonderful lakes enthrall every one of us who visit to the area. The proximity with Tibet has ensured that little has changed since their forefathers crossed the border into Nepal. The trek is enlivened by the sight of yak caravans that even today travel long distances through difficult terrain to barter goods. The people of Dolpo have a primitive lifestyle with their own dialect and culture. During this wonderful trek you can visit several unique monasteries (gompas) like Shey Gompa (The Crystal Monastery) which is an important pilgrimage site for Tibetans.

Dolpo, the best known of the many isolated high Himalayan valleys across northern Nepal preserves one of the last remnants of traditional Tibetan culture. According to legend, the Dolpo is considered to be one of the hidden valleys created by Guru Rinpoche a refuge for devout Buddhists in troubled times. The people of Dolpo are of Tibetan origin and maintain their Tibetan culture with monasteries that follow closely the Buddhism of Tibet.

There are several routes to Dolpo, especially from Pokhara and Jumla. The journey begins with flight from Nepalgunj to Juphal. Subsequently, from Jupal, we head to Dunai, the district headquarter and camp and we continue our trek along the banks of Barbung Khola to Tarakote, known locally as Dzong for its hilltop fortress. Proceeding along Tarap Khola through grassy meadows, Magar villages and their Gompas, the highest point of the trek Numa La (5,190m) is reached, which affords a magnificent views of Dhaulagiri to the south and Tibetan ranges C Kugung La and Khyung La to the north. Then we descend down to Suli Gad river to Raha, the park entrance and finally to the hamlet of Juphal. From there, we catch plain to Nepalgunj or Pokhara or direct flight to Kahtmandu. The best time to trek both in lower or Upper Dolpa is during the end of the monsoon season especially September to November.

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