Langtang Trekking

Langtang Valley

The Langtang Mountain Range is located just north of Kathmandu. Protected in Langtang National Park, this beautiful area is very popular with trekkers because of its close proximity to the capital as well as its beautiful scenery.

Langtang is a narrow valley just south of the Tibetan border. The trail passes through Sherpa villages and the Helambu valley. There are the Gosainkund Lake nestled high in the mountains. Its magnificent blue surface reflects the snowcapped peaks.

Treks into Langtang can be along an easy trail, or choose some out of the way places that is filled with adventure as well as a real challenge. Treks can be a few days or nearly a month.

Budget Adventure Treks and Adventures offers several perfect plans that will work within your time and financial budgets. Their professional staff would be very happy to put together the ideal adventure in Langtang National Park. This small range in the Himalayas will delight you as you explore the land of the Sherpa people along the northern border of Nepal with Tibet.

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